Activity 1.6 – Reflection

The topic I found mostly interesting in this subject is “Sustainability: Design E2”. I found out from Faud-Luke (2002) argument that it is more relevant for designers, organisations and governments to develop healthier protocols for design, and legislation to protect the environment. However, the topic I learned the most from was “week 2 – Data visualisation”. In this topic I learned from Reas & McWilliams (2010) that there are different types of data visualization techniques, for example, dynamic filters like the internet search engines.  Also, I found out that data visualisations present information in ways that make it easier for researchers, professionals and the general public, to access and understand data.

The set of reading I found most interesting, again is Faud-Luke (2002) “eco-design: The sourcebook”. It helps me to understand that designers can work collaboratively with disadvantaged communities to create designs to improve life, how designers serve social, economic and environmentally sustainable outcomes. Also, I learned from this reading that the power of designers is catalytic, in that when an environmentally benign design enters the environment its beneficial effects continually increase.

Moreover, I found all the activities interesting including, discussion board, discussion-activities, task works activities and issue essay. But the ones I learned the most from are the WordPress activities.



Fuad-Luke, A. (2002). Design for a sustainable future. ecoDesign: The Sourcebook. London: Chronicle & Thames and Hudson. Retrieved from

Reas, C., & McWilliams, C. (2010). Form + code in design, art and architecture. New York: Princeton Architectural Press. Retrieved from


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