Task 2.6: Design for nature – captions


1. Nature’s walk









(Photo by Meghana Pawar, 2016 < http://ideasthroughwords.com/interesting-things-to-do-without-internet-can-make-happy/>)

Sometimes it is important for parents to teach their kids about the beauty of our environment by simply taking them outdoors, to places like parks, forest reserves and exposing them to the irresistible beauty of our nature. Marris (2011, p. ), argues that “we may need such fenced islands like those at reserves Scotia islands if we want to avoid the extinctions of the cute-and-furries.”

2. Forest Destruction


(Photo by Greenpeace, 2012 < http://www.greenpeace.org/australia/en/what-we-do/forests/> )

According to Greenpeace (2012), about 80% of the world’s forests have been destroyed or irreparably degraded, or are being looted every day to supply cheap timber and wood products to the world. In order to take action to prevent this from continuing, we must take into account Marris (2011), argument that nature is carefully managed national parks and vast boreal forest and uninhabited arctic; as well as the birds in your backyard; the pines in rows in forest plantations; and the blackberries and butterfly bushes that grow alongside the urban river etc.


Greenpeace. (2012). Forests [Image]. Retrieved from http://www.greenpeace.org/australia/en/what-we-do/forests/
Marris, Emma. (2011). Chapter 1 Weeding the jungle. Rambunctious garden: Saving nature in a post-wild world. New York: Bloomsbury.
Pawar, M. (2016). Interesting things to do without Internet that can make you happy: Nature walk [Image]. Retrieved from <http://ideasthroughwords.com/interesting-things-to-do-without-internet-can-make-happy/>



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