Assessments Task 2.1 – Data Visualisation


(Web Analytics Services

Data visualisation visually clarifies and enables viewers, including decision makers, to see analytics presented in pictorial and graphical format, so they can easily comprehend difficult concepts. Example of this, presented by Reas et al (2010) includes: 1 – Treemap, which is a technique to demonstrate visually refined objects that show the relations between one or more data. And, 2 – Time-series visualisation, which is a static or animated image that combines data through motion; and compresses many moments into a single frame.

It is obvious that some techniques can be more appropriate for specific or different data presentation based on the information presented. There are numerous of distinct visualisation techniques that can be categorised in charts, tables, graphs, and maps etc. For example, pie charts and line graphs are more appropriate for a newspaper data visualisation than maps.

Moreover, visual image is a better way of presenting information than words and figures. It is noted that “an image is worth a thousand words” because the human brain processes information more effectively when it is accompanied by images. For example, the Bertin Map of France presents a geographical data that can be explained on several of pages, if presented in words. Also using the Pulse Phone Apps, the result of your heart rate can be detected and displayed in an animated data format on the screen of your iPhone, that is easy to be understood.



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