Activity 1.2 – Design activism – Using APA 6th Edition referencing

New Anthems 1

( – New Anthem VI

The Inkhoots’ project “New Anthem 1” is a design activism intended to make a call for change. It displays an intention to constitute general improvements to daily life (Thorpe, 2011. P.6), especially the way Australians think and react to pertinent situations.  This project, commissioned by the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts, is the first series of interactive (design activism) installations that appeals to participants as much for offering chances to create a sense of identity (Thorpe, 2011, p.8)

Thorpe (2011) argued that “understanding these types of activist work helps us make sense of the different ways design activism has been defined to date, with some viewing it more strictly as co-design or participatory design…” This argument is undoubtedly comparable to how the “New Anthem series I – V” have exhibited the way issues of concern are broadcasted openly in public places, in the form of design.

Moreover, Thorpe (2011) further points that: “design activism also takes up conventional activist approaches by designers”; similarly, the New Anthem V-I project invites participants from all walks of life to insert words via SMS into iconic Australian texts to play with expression of national identity (Inkahoots, 2016).

This project fits Thorpe’s criteria in that it publicly reveals challenging issues, makes a contentious claim for change and works on behalf of the disadvantaged (Thorpe, 2011, P.6).


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